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28 May 2008 @ 03:14 am
Further down the river

Thanks for helping me tame Bach!
24 May 2008 @ 11:59 pm
Assukigan vs Reirith

Today's input is an oekaki. I haven't drawn fanart in ages, so I was a bit crusty on this one XD It's Asuka as Morrigan and Rei as Lilith.

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» Party Members @ Three: The Power is Maximum.

Brilliant conference with it_burns and whitesummerside. Oh you bastards. Neglected the damn time and kind of overslept. But see, you can go on ahead with random anecdotes about the day ("...she'd Omnislash my ass") and then end up with assigning attributes to liquor and turning them to summon.

The "D" in DMW can also refer to "Drinks". Or "Drunk". I mean, the shamans had to be a little buzzed to try to summon/ be possessed by a god. To quote Billy, "Drunken Musings (at) Work" Drunken Musings ALSO work ;3

Drink of choice? Summon of choice?Collapse )

Will be updating is it goes. X3 PROTIP: Maybe non-alocholic beverages can be support. Hmmn!
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DENNYAA 「電ニャー」、「デンニャァ」、「ニャ車」

N., The cat trains that run in the city. Apart from the regular trains, these also run a less restricted track (though the tracks are there to follow). Also, the dennyaa can choose to run an underground path, especially when it rains, as most of the non-fuyu dennyaa hate water.

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12 May 2008 @ 03:39 am

Cut 01: 日本語の歌詞Collapse )

Cut02: RomajiCollapse )

Cut03: English translationCollapse )

First SPITZ song to be translated, and I think I'm getting the hang of Kusano's imagery and use of metaphors. They can be largely antithetical (Ryuta once told me that even regular Japanese can't follow some SPITZ songs), but he goes with the feel and flow of the image and song more than anything. In this sense, he's more lyrical.
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10 May 2008 @ 04:44 pm
So Stilgar asks Him how it is humanly possible to undertake the mission of making Arrakis flower.

And He remembers the day his hand ceased to become His:
How every nail dug into itself to form furious furls, how knuckles swelled to bulbous proportions and pushed past skin and muscle, straining against the roots of His veins; how blood rushed to flood, overflowing; how pain eventually bloomed in slow violence once, twice, ten thousand times in the span of a minute, filling his senses with the scent and noise of a fire-garden.

Yet when he opened His eyes, the hand was whole and white and fleshy, and the gom jabbar removed from His throat. His humanity for the hand; if He closed His eyes He would tell you how it had been cut away a long time ago as a trade.

And in its place grew a planet.
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最終電車 (Saishuu Densha; The Last Train) by Plastic Tree for the 3rd consecutive translation today. What the hell.

Anyhow. I can say I'm well over and done with my viskei era, but these guys remain standing. They're mild viskei actually, and like their idols Radiohead and The Cure, gradually deviated from the "viskei" norm and focused on their music instead, making them, er, un-viskei now. I like Ryuutarou's voice, and I think he plays the harmonica too. This one song of theirs is something I LOVE most and it brings to mind memories of a station with its last train: Kichijouji with shops closed, dwindling strangers, and an empty city sky.

Cut 01: 日本の歌詞Collapse )

Cut 02: RomajiCollapse )

Cut 03: English TranslationCollapse )

Yes, I deliberately put references to The Cure there. :P Also a bit of Radiohead which will duck if you blink, and you'll miss it. Kehe. Maybe will post a Cebuano version later. For now the best thing to do is sleep!
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30 April 2008 @ 06:58 pm
When Life lags as it is wont to do, take a sidequest. It can be a detour for coffee, a complete gallivanting session into a different website, or translating a song. Obviously I did the latter.

枝 (Eda; Branches) by The Back Horn (off their album THE BACK HORN) because it was LSS'ing me, and was on the mental ham radio this morning. This was written by their drummer, Matsuda Shinji, and he returns to his favorite image of the sakura. He's a bit like Eijun, with the focus on the 和 and the 物の会われ of things (the transience; the idea of the beauty of passing), but Matsu is markedly less...brutal about it X]

Cut01: 日本語の歌詞Collapse )

Cut 02: RomajiCollapse )

Cut 03: English translation/ 英語で訳されたのCollapse )

NOTE TO SELF: It doesn't matter if you have a working break with the bosses tomorrow (post-Milan crunchtime briefing, and the Brazilian Affair); FIND TIME TO POST YOUR PICTURES. And write about it. Sheesh.

• • • • • • • • • •

Cut 04: NEW!! Cebuano lyricsCollapse )
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29 April 2008 @ 10:41 pm
So I did 飴玉の唄 (Amedama no Uta; The Candy Song) over chat with cmyka one day, quite by accident; one of those "this isn't it yet, but I'll draw up a sketch" and you end up drawing it anyway.

It's from their latest album, the stellar Orbital Period (@whitesummerside; when you're done with the backtrack this is all yours in its OnlyLonely Glory).

Cut 01: 日本語歌詞Collapse )

Cut 02: RomajiCollapse )

Cut 03: English lyrics/ translationCollapse )

• • • • • •

I must say I'm pretty proud of this translation. It kind of trickled calmly through my head, all three "versions", and didn't fight each other as what languages are wont to do if you sit them down in a translation cafe and force them to assume each other's identities. ("Vaffanculo!" the Italian says and throws down its cup; the Japanese snarls and falls deathly silent––no, you're not getting ANYTHING from it; the Cebuano barks something and punches you)

This guy, Fujiwara? I won't even say anything. I'll either be redundant, embarrassed, or telling. So I'll clam up.